Greetings! My name is Dana Yost, the creator behind the artistic designs you see here! It’s such a pleasure to meet you, thank you for visiting!

I am a native Coloradan, a military veteran, and a passionate artist with a wide array of interests and experiences. Born in 1985, I’ve embarked on a diverse journey that has shaped my artistic style and vision.

My Story:

At the age of 21, I joined the U.S. Air Force, where I initially trained to become a cryptologic linguist, specializing in Pashto (Afghanistan & Pakistan). However, my path led me to Security Forces instead, where I served for five of my six year enlistment. Both during and outside of my military commitment, I was blessed to visit many different corners of the world, from the Caribbean islands to South Africa and beyond. I even spent four years in Japan, both as a military member and as an exchange student at Waseda University in Tokyo. My educational journey includes a BA degree in Japanese with a minor in Dance, along with AS degrees in General Studies and Criminal Justice.

My quest for the perfect career led me through various jobs, from retail and insurance sales to military and law enforcement. Yet, it was only after losing my job just as the Covid lockdowns started in 2020 that I discovered my calling to a creative field. I took the opportunity to go to art school online and will have my BFA degree in Game Art by May of 2024.

My Artistic Journey:

I’ve always had a keen eye for detail, which is reflected in my artistic style—semi-realistic yet with a touch of stylization. My inspiration is drawn from my rich and diverse life experiences, as well as my love for fantasy themes, Japanese language and culture, and my faith as a non-denominational Christian. These influences have allowed me to create a broad range of art, from medieval fantasy characters and Japanese themes to faith-centered visual inspiration, and more.

Artistic Process:

My creative process often begins with reference images and basic silhouette shapes to explore initial ideas. This approach helps me shape characters and scenes with purpose and visual optimization before I get too far into the detailing process. While I primarily work digitally, I occasionally venture into traditional drawing and even acrylic painting. My most used software includes Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine, which I use to craft stunning 2D and 3D/CGI digital art.

Portfolio and Highlights:

You can explore my full portfolio of artwork which showcases my best creations at Additionally, I’ve taken part in exciting projects like designing contest entries for Lady Gaga and a DMV license plate design for Colorado’s 150th anniversary. Although I didn’t secure any wins, the experiences were valuable, and I’ve proudly kept these designs.

My Vision and Mission:

My art is all about bringing joy, inspiration, and fun into the world. I create designs that brighten lives, and I aspire to contribute visual images and entertainment that enrich and uplift people. My ultimate goal is to create artwork that resonates with people and adds a touch of beauty, inspiration, and enjoyment to everyday life.

Thank you for exploring my artwork. Join my email list to come on this artistic journey with me, and let’s create a world filled with beauty and wonder.

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